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Can you get Divorced Without a Lawyer?

Yes! you can divorce without a lawyer.

It is called a divorce Pro-Se in which you file for divorce yourself, instead of having a lawyer represent you.

If you and your spouse are in agreement with the divorce and there is no issue to fight about the Pro-Se Divorce will save you a lot of money, time, and energy which you would have to use if you had a lawyer.

Of course A Lawyer will always be willing to charge you and represent you even when there are no issues to fight about, and you are both in agreement with everything.

In this type of divorces in New York State there is very high chances that you would not need to even present yourself in the court for anything else than file the paperwork.

With us you can do the entire Process without even stepping a foot on court because we also Take It To Court for You!

That's what we do here, we offer you a much more affordable price than a lawyer would because we help you with the entire process of getting Divorced Pro-Se.

A Pro-Se makes more sense than any other option when both spouses agree and there is nothing to fight about.

Also If you want to take it to court yourself, we Can Generate All of Your Forms for You.



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