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How Much Does a Divorce in New York Cost?

Well, as you probably were expecting the answer is: It depends.

The price of your divorce in New York depends on:

1. The Complexity and Difficulty of your case.

2. The price range of the lawyer you choose. If you choose a lawyer to handle your case.

So, the more difficult (Children, Property, Custody) your case is, the more you may have to pay your lawyer in fees. And as we know, some lawyers charge a lot, others not so much.

But, if you have a straight forward divorce, in which there is nothing to fight about and both are in agreement, then you could save from $1000 to $4000 by representing yourself in your divorce (Pro-Se).

You would save, but you would have to prepare a whole bunch of complex documents and take it to court yourself.

But fear not, because we can handle all of the documents and taking it to court for you.

Or, If you only want the documents and want to take it to court yourself, the We can help you with that as well.



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