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How To Do my Own Divorce?

Hey, if you are looking at this post it means that you are considering saving money and time by doing your own divorce.

It is absolutely possible to file on your own. And it is a very good idea when there are no children and both are in agreement with the divorce.

You will indeed save thousands of dollars on your divorce by filing on your own instead of hiring a lawyer.

Nevertheless the paperwork for the divorce continues to be extensive and somewhat complex.

But fear not. You can still file your divorce for yourself, while letting us take charge of all the paperwork and court visiting and filing.

If you use our services there won't be any need for you to figure out the complex process and you won't have to step a foot in court.

Once we finish the whole process we simply send you your final Divorce Judgement through the mail. And voilà you will be officially divorced.

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