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Is a divorce without Kids easier?

A divorce without children is certainly easier than a divorce with children.

Usually divorces with children bring the tough discussions of child support, custody, health insurance, and even spousal maintenance.

Meanwhile, a divorce without children almost always avoids all of these problems.

So if the spouses both agree with the divorce, and there are no children involved, then you will have a straight forward divorce, which would be a lot easier than otherwise.

If you have no children and both parties agree, you could save a ton of money by using our start to finish divorce processing service Instead of paying thousands in lawyer fees when there is nothing to fight about.

Or if you want to go to court yourself, Which we do for you in our forms + court service, then you could take advantage of our forms preparation service.

Remember, if you are both in agreement and have no children, you could save thousands of dollars by using our services and avoiding expensive lawyer fees.



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