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Planning Before Divorce

Since a divorce is no small step in your life, it could be safely assumed that it must require some careful planning.

Many times a divorce seems to be inevitable. And we hate to say it, but if it has to be done then it must be done the right way.

We obviously never advocate for it to be the first option, but in moments in which the divorce becomes the one and only option, the parties must make sure they plan how things will work after the divorce.

Planning is not mandatory, but it should definitely be a top priority when there are kids involved. Kids should never suffer negative consequences steaming from the divorce. Although that is much easier said than done, the parents always have the duty to ensure the well being and safety of their kids.

Financial planning is recommended but not as much of a duty as the well being of the kids.

The parties are adults who should know and have a clear understanding of planning and working towards future safety.

Our recommendation is for planning in all aspects which will be affected by a separation. Once the parties have a plan for the well being of the children, financial stability, and residency issues then they must have a much smoother process of divorce which will not find them unprepared.

So, if divorce is the only option, Do not forget to plan as the divorce process goes on. In the state of New York it takes approximately 3 to 7 months, so you should plan accordingly.



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